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Terms & conditions

  • * There will be no hidden charges and no extra charges, other than credit/debit card transaction fee. If however you are not satisfied with product/service a full refund is given minus any transaction fees.


  • * All letters and documents are paid for upfront.


  • * All credit card transactions performed on our website are performed using PayPal, a free secure online merchant with privacy and security of the utmost importance – if you suspect an error or fraudulent transaction we encourage you to notify us and to contact your financial institution immediately!  Before using this website, you should ensure that your system is installed with the latest anti-virus/anti-spyware software.



  • We are committed to providing you with a top-quality level of service and customer satisfaction. We want you to know that if for any reason you feel as though you are not receiving the best quality service, then we would be happy to hear your concerns and work with you as much as possible to help you resolve those concerns with us.


  • Do My Letter reserves the right to make changes to these Ts & Cs and / or our Privacy Policy and other policies as we deem necessary or  desirable, and without prior notification to you. Such changes may include, among other things, the adding of certain fees or charges to any of  our products or services. There are no hidden costs, in that every transaction will clearly indicate what you are paying for and how much you  are paying for it.  We suggest that all users re-read the Ts & Cs, from time-to-time to be aware of any such changes. We endeavour to clearly  advertise on our website any major changes to these documents.


  •    1. The services we provide to you are only ever created based on the information you supply to us.


  •    2. All services prepared by us are yours and yours exclusively! We do not own anything we prepare for you, EVER!


  •    3. We believe in allowing you to have 100% control over the content of your chosen product or service. As such, you may ask us to make changes you want, absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!


  •   4. All services or products prepared by us are signed off by you. We will never send a letter or anything else on your behalf to another party.


  •   5. If you ever feel as though a particular service or product we have prepared for you does not accurately convey your message, tone or personal style, we will re-write it until you are completely happy – we are not satisfied until you are!


NOTE: “” is NOT an incorporated law firm and does NOT provide any legal advice.  We are based in England and this website and the service we provide are subject to English law and the English courts.  We accept no other jurisdiction and your use of our service confirms your agreement to this.


  • -Our Services: Do My Letter is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) for investment business.  We do not provide investment advice and arrange transactions in pensions, unit trusts, stocks and shares and Personal Equity Plans.


  •  -Complaints:  If you should have any complaint about a product, which you have bought, please put it in writing .


  •  -Our dealings with You:  We require our clients to give us instructions in writing, to avoid possible disputes.  We will however accept oral instructions in certain instances providing they are subsequently confirmed in writing. 


Please note: Do My Letter, its partners, employees and self-employed consultants cannot in any way guarantee successful raising of discretionary finance (including soft loans or grants).  We will not be held responsible for any unsuccessful venture or loss with the use of any of our products.