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 Our Privacy Policy:


  • 1.   We will never sell or trade your personal information with any third party.


  • 2.  We delete all information relating to you, one (1) month after completion And /or payment has been received.


  • 3.   All files sent and received are scanned by up-to-date, anti-virus/anti-Spyware software.


  • 4.   Our contact list forms part of our Privacy Policy – as such we will never Sell this list.


  • 5.   Our online submission forms are hosted on secure, encrypted Servers located at www.


  • 6.   All payments processed via on secure, encrypted servers located at


  • 7.   We will only ever disclose personally identifiable information about you if We are compelled to by law or by an order by an English Court to Disclose such information.


  • 8.   Our website does not use cookies and we only request your contact details if you contact us to submit an order or to request a quote.